Logo and Identity System Custom drawn proprietary display font Custom Typography and Field Design Identity utilized on uniform designs Custom Typography and Court Design Identity utilized on uniform designs

While at SME Branding in 2002, I was the lead designer on the redesign for The University of Pennsylvanias athletics program. We updated the traditional “Split P” to a modern Egyptian letterform, and provided a Roman and Italic versions for the famed Penn Relays. A custom-modified font was drawn from scratch and is proprietary to the Penn Athletics Program, strengthening the brand across all sport platforms. 

Identity and logo system for streetwear brand Mass Exodus. Various lock ups. Primary and secondary logo development for different uses on garment graphics trim systems and related collateral. The main concept was to develop a mark that was very DIY and militaristic, with a wide range of uses - able to be stenciled or embroidered, executed large or small. 

Owners Jon and John are transplants to Brooklyn from The Pacific Northwest. There are not many things they missed from out west, but one of them was the excellent bars and selection of microbrews, so they set about importing some of the better beers to accompany the beers of the borough and asked me to create an identity and signage to compliment it all. The crest aludes to the bibliophile nature of the owners and crowd and  was created for signs, pints and coasters in a modular approach. Many of the signs throughout the bar are hand painted to add to the homey appeal of the place.